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PlayStation 4: For gamers only

Published on Nov 29 2013 // Technology

When Sony first unveiled the PlayStation 4 in March, it made one thing very clear: It was building the ultimate system for gamers.

131115092723-t-sony-playstation-4-ps4-release-interview-00021708-620x348Sony (SNE) definitely accomplished that, making for a better console experience over its predecessor. But unlike the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) Xbox One, the PS4 is not built to be a do-it-all entertainment box, and won’t appeal quite as much to a casual gaming audience.

Design: Unlike the clunky and ugly PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 is slim and stylish, adding some life to what would otherwise be an ordinary black box.

Sony’s design allows you to stand the PlayStation 4 up on its side or lay it flat, which adds a nice bit of versatility over the Xbox One. And for the most part, the PlayStation runs cool and quiet, though it’s not unusual to hear the fans and disc drive if you’re in the middle of a graphically intense game.

Controller: The DualShock 4 represents the biggest change ever to the PlayStation controller in both form and function. And thankfully all of these changes are for the better. Longtime gamers will still recognize it as a PlayStation controller, but the ergonomic shift towards grips that are longer and less-angular than before make this a much more comfortable controller to hold.

The joysticks have also been redesigned, which are spaced out a little further than before and have a lip around the top which makes makes it all the easier to accurately pull off complex moves. Same goes for the shoulder buttons, with the front pair being made larger, and the rear pair of springy triggers being reshaped to better fit the contours of index fingers.

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