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Frozen Review: Disney Will Melt Your Heart

Published on Nov 29 2013 // Entertainment, Movies

xfrozen-anna-olaf.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Tzb65j3BkcFrozen is an utter joy, and when leaving the theater, do not be surprised if you are walking a little higher due to the uplifting story, its soaring score and still chuckling from a little snowman named Olaf who steals scenes left and right.

Kristen Bell stars as Anna and she idolizes her big sister Elsa (Idina Menzel). They are royal siblings in a Scandinavian village living what appears to be a charmed life. And it is, made especially magical by Elsa’s gift. She and Anna often play in their house as the elder sister has the power to create snow and ice, to the absolute joy of Anna. When Elsa accidentally hurts Anna with this gift, her parents separate the two and send Elsa to her room to live in solitude for years.

The day comes though when Elsa is set to be made queen. She has learned to live with her gift, although she is still distant from her sister… for fear of hurting her again. As the coronation gets into full swing, something happens and Elsa turns her entire village into an icy landscape, stuck in a curse that only she can reverse. Horrified, she runs far away to live high in the mountains where she can harm no one.

Anna won’t accept it, and against everyone’s wishes, she heads out into the blizzard conditions to find her sister, bring her back to her rightful place on the throne and Anna hopes… reverse the curse.

Along the way, Anna meets Olaf and she knows she’s close to finding her sister. See, Olaf was the name of the snowman they used to make as children. Olaf is voiced by Josh Gad and he is a complete cad. He loses himself in the role and charms with his humor, cluelessness that is only eclipsed by his heart, and his songs that are hilarious and supremely heartfelt — like the one about his love of summer. See, he’s oblivious that summer would melt him!

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